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Solderless Tube Connectors for A/C, Automotive and Refrigeration.  ISO  ISO 9001/QS 9000 Certified

LOKRING A/C and Refrigeration

American LOKRING offers a complete line of products specific to Refrigeration and A/C applications. In addition to Union and Reducing Connectors for joining same or dissimilar metal tubing, LOKRING offers union and reducing connectors with Schrader Valves, Charging Tubes and Stoppers.

LOKRING Union Connectors with Schrader Valve

Union Tee with Schrader Valve Union Tee with Schrader Valve Reducing Tee with Schrader Valve
00 Union Connector w/ Valve
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50 Union Connector w/ Valve
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50 Reducing Connector w/ Valve
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LOKRING Stoppers and Charging Tube

Brass Stopper
Brass Stopper to cap-off tube ends

Part Number Size   Part Number Size
5 VS MS 00 3/16"   10 VS MS 00 10mm
6 VS MS 00 1/4"   11 VS MS 00 11mm
7 VS MS 00 7mm   12 VS MS 00 12mm
7.5 VS MS 00 7.5mm   13 VS MS 00 1/2"
8 VS MS 00 5/16"   16 VS MS 00 5/8"
8.5 VS MS 00 8.5mm   19 VS MS 00 3/4"
9.53 VS MS 00 3/8"      


  Charge Tube
Charger Tube with Schrader Valve

Part Number Size
6 NF MS SV 120mm

1/4" x 11.75" w/ Schrader

6 NF MS SV 300mm 1/4" x 4.75" w/ Schrader
6 NF MS 00 1/4" x 5.9" Copper Tube


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